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Synchtank Partners with Education Non-Profit Charity London Grid for Learning (LGfL)

Entertainment software company Synchtank has partnered with London Grid for Learning (LGfL) and a prominent production library to provide high-quality music to students and teachers in London schools. Synchtank’s software will make it easy to surface licensed tracks for school activities, from assemblies and performances to in-classroom listening and student presentations and videos. It will also guide students toward a better understanding of intellectual property rights.

“This is an excellent way to make properly licensed music part of students’ educational experiences,” notes Chris Cass, Chief Business Officer of Synchtank. “Not only will they have hassle-free access to tracks right for a wide range of contexts, this partnership will help students see the importance of copyright and licensing.”

Educators and learners want to do the right thing–use music appropriately and do what’s best for creators–yet they often don’t have simple access to good tools and music. Synchtank wants to change that, concluding its first deal in the education space.

“LGfL is an excellent partner in this,” says Cass, “as they are focused on providing essential digital services and expert support to schools, including super-fast connectivity, support for cloud computing, and keeping children safe. Synchtank’s stable, well-designed software platform is a logical addition to their already robust offerings.”

“The ability to provide the same professional music database to our schools that is used across the world by television and film production companies is a major asset in our support for creativity across the curriculum,” Bob Usher, LGfL Content Manager explained.

“We think the more young people understand how music licenses work, the easier it will be in the future for everyone involved to act responsibly and respect the value of an individual’s intellectual property, as students will likely continue to make content as adults,” states Cass. “We’re reaching them early on and showing them how easy it is to get licensing right if you have the correct tools. It’s a valuable lesson.”

About Synchtank
Synchtank is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that rights owners and users of digital entertainment license to manage their assets, IP, metadata and royalties. Developed since 2010 by a team experienced in broadcast, music, film, TV, metadata, payments and technology, Synchtank’s diverse range of clients include British Telecom TV and Sport, CD Baby, the National Education Network, Peer Music, Sony, Unilever, Universal, Vice Media, WarnerMedia and Warner Music Group.

Synchtank’s catalog management and royalty accounting platforms are modular, require minimal IT involvement and are configured to meet core business-specified needs. Accessible through UI, API, bulk data imports and exports, Synchtank has enterprise-grade security in off-premise digital storage, based on AWS with highly available and scalable server clusters. The royalty accounting platform is currently live across the globe, integrated with hundreds of PROs, has over 1,000 integration points for royalty inputs and runs many hundreds of millions of dollars through it per annum.

About the London Grid for Learning
LGfL is a multi-award winning not for profit Charitable Trust, which aims to save schools money, keep children safe, tackle inequality, energize Teaching & Learning and enhance Wellbeing. It is a founder member of the National Education Network and providers super-fast fiber connectivity for over 3,000 schools. It is a center of excellence for online safety, cybersecurity and provides support for special educational needs as well as a large online portfolio of online learning resources.